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digitemp and cacti

So, I write this post on english, because there is rare information about and I like to make it available for non-german speakers too. I switched completly to linux now and have build a outdoor thermometer using a dallas 1-Wire sensor with a home made serial adapter. Here are schematics and how to build the adapter. There is a debian-package of digitemp, the tool that reads the data from the sensors. It contains three binaries from wich only digitemp_DS9097 works with the RS232 interface. First of all you need to initialize it by doing: sonium@ubuntu:~$ digitemp_DS9097 -s/dev/ttyS0 -i DigiTemp v3.3.2 Copyright 1996-2004 by Brian C. Lane GNU Public License v2.0 - Turning off all DS2409 Couplers . Searching the 1-Wire LAN 105734DB00080028 : DS1820/DS18S20/DS1920 Temperature Sensor ROM #0 : 105734DB00080028 Wrote .digitemprc now you should be able to receive the temperature by using: sonium@ubuntu:~$ digitemp_DS9097 -r1000 -a DigiTemp v3.3.2 Copyrigh