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guitar rig 2 with linux

I just got Guitar Rig 2 running on my linux box. It took me a long time. So here is some information how I did it. I'm using the ubuntu-package from winehq for wine. Then you need fst (I'm using fst-1.8). FST again needs Jack, Wine and lash to compile. And lash needs the uuid-dev package found in the ubuntu repository. But the really hard part is to find the Steinberg VST-SDK. The point is that fst-1.8 needs to compile not 2.4. If you are lucky you can google it up. If not drop me an email (sonium at gmail dot com). After everything is compiled you should be able to run Guitar Rig 2. It's a bit buggy so if nothing shows up, just kill the process and try again. It took me a few tries but it just seems to be a matter of patience till it works.