Accepted for SoC 2008

Hi, I finally got accepted for Google's Summer of Code 2008. One interesting thing is, that I my semester are two more SoC participants, so the University of Regensburg probably has one of the highest rate of participants at all.

For SoC I plan to update my blog about once a week, to allow people to keep track of my progress on creating "A Wizard for PicardQt". PicardQt is a quite innovative mp3 tagger using the Musicbrainz database run by the Metabrainz foundation. From the software side it is written in python and using Qt I really would recommend it to everyone who would like to have a clean and structured music collection.

The purpose of the Wizard is, in short, helping new users to set up PicardQt correctly and provide help on further steps after.

So having mentioned Qt, this will be my first investment in the project: Buying a book on Qt.
As I did stuff with wxWidgets and Gtk using the reference was ok, but a book is simply more comfortable if you don't have a multi-monitor setup.

I'm also looking forward to the developer conference in London where I will get known to the Metabrainz people. And the coolest thing is, that it maybe will take place at the headquarter which I always wanted to see (beside the Google HQ).

Finally I hope to have a good and successful Summer of Code participation.


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