Starting up...

I finally decided to buy the book "Rapid GUI Programming with Python and QT. The Definitive Guide to PyQt Programming" by Mark Summerfield. Actually there are not many choices if you're looking for something up to date.

Thinking on what might be the best way to introduce the user to Picard it came to my mind, that I maybe should choose a more visual way based around screen shots. I came to this conclusion while looking at myself always clicking away these more annoying than helpful "Tip of the day" dialog boxes when starting for example GIMP. But I will see how this could fit together when starting with the actual dialog outline while practicing some pyQt.


OutsideContext said…
Sounds like a good choice for a book. Tell me how good the book is when you got it :)

Talking about the wizard: You should think about what you want to achieve with it. I think there are two different use cases:

1. The user starts Picard for the first time. A wizard helps him to understand how Picard works and to setup Picard correctly. This is helpful for the beginner, but you don't want to run this again after you did once.

2. A wizard helps the user to tag his files correctly and guides him through this process. This might be done directly after the initial introduction and setup, but it is still useful afterwards.

You should keep this two use cases in mind if you design the wizard.
Anonymous said…
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