Diving into pyQt

I started learning pyQt and as far as I can tell I'm quite happy with my book. While I didn't have this big expectations on the book reading it is a quite a joy.

The author starts by introducing python itself, but in a way also interesting to people experienced with python. Of course there are mentioned all the basic concepts in python but also some less known topics like things that are new in python 2.5 and even 2.6.

So now I'm at the point of general principles on hand-coded dialog layout and the signal and slot concept. While having learned pyGtk and wxWidgets more from reading the reference it is really nice having everything introduced by well explained code examples.


Unknown said…
In case you ever have any thoughts or questions about Qt I might be able to help you. Im not very experienced with Qt, but just finished a school project using Qt and are working on another small Qt project at the moment. Anyways Id love to help if I can.
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