Here you can see my work-in-progress of the first run wizard. The help texts still need to be improved but the rest basically should work. Dependent on if you choose "Custom format" in page 3 (unfortunately hidden on the screen shot, but is within the preset list) you get page 4 displayed. The bottom right dialog appears if you hit insert field in the custom format dialog and displays you a choice of fields you could use.
Maybe one should change the background color of the help texts to make them distinguishable from ordinary text widgets.

So, was quite a bunch of work so far and I hope it payed out.


acid2 said…
Woow, you've done a sweet job on that interface :D Nice work, really taking shape. One thing I thought is I'm a bit confused about the preview / apply button - does it preview, or does it apply? How is "apply" any different to "next"?
Alex said…
What exactly happens if one hits the preview/apply button is:

1. check for syntax error
2. display a preview
3. save it to the configuration

maybe one could also simply change this to preview and do the errorchecking and saving all with the next button

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