Midterm evaluation is near

It's already some time ago that I last posted an update. Doing something really periodic seems to be my week point.
The time of the midterm evaluation has finally come. This means I have to fill a survey on how things are going for me and my mentor. I have to say, that everything seems to be alright. The Wizard part of my project is quite finished despite of some smaller fixes and a bit code cleanup. Here you can see it in it's full beauty:

From the last time I posted changed that it now has an functionality to sort out duplicates in various manners. Another thing is that the wizard can be disabled to show up on when starting Picard. On the other hand it can be started from the menu now. If one clicks cancel without completing it one is also asked if it should show up the next time Picard starts. This should be enough to prevent the wizard from annoying long-term Picard users.


Unknown said…
Looking pretty good -- a few comments on the text in the wizard:

- There are some spelling mistakes.
- The tone is a little too formal and stiff.

Before you finish your project can you find a native english speaker (nikki is good for picking apart english) and have them review the wizard for spelling mistakes and to review the text to make it less formal and perhaps a little more concise?


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