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OSX Snow Leopard on VirtualBox

Can't afford a Mac? Wanna do iPhone development with Ubuntu? There are reasons why one would want to have OSX running on VirtualBox but getting it to run is not so easy. First of all you need - VirtualBox - Hazzard OSX Distribution, can be found on the net Now set up a new virtual machine in VirtualBox and select Mac as operating system. The harddisk size should be at least 10GB, I chose 20GB This gives you EFI enabled in the system tab of the virtual machine's settings. Next boot the Hazzard OSX Distribution an start installation. Use the Disk-Tool to make a new partition. Don't start the Installation yet! You need to customize it and only install the Legacy Kernel and the latest Chamealeon bootloader. This is all and you can begin the installation. When you're done and before you boot into you new system go the the virtual machine's settings again and switch off the EFI option in the system pane. The last step is to switch off Apple CPU power manageme